The restoration of the WRIGHT N. 4 Engine

The diagram above shows the various phases of the restoration: from the Museum of Vigna di Valle, the engine was transported to "Il Magnete" lab; there it has been completely disassembledunder the supervision of the Italian Airforce officers and the restoration began; the engine was started for the first time after restoration at the Fortezza Medicea in Arezzo (pictures hereinunder).

Pictures above: Leonardo Sordi, who carried out the restoration, is behind the engine; he went all the way to Paris to find the spark plugs (he managed to find the original ones, dating back from the beginning of last century!); also present in the pictures the officers in charge of the the Museum of Vigna di Valle, the representatives from the Municipality of Arezzo, Countess Caproni (President of the Caproni Museum) and Lodovico Calderara, son of Mario Calderara who had flown with the same engine in 1909.

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2003/4 - Calderara / Il Magnete